My name is Ali and my wish is that you may find, at my website- Alianco- some insight and undersanding of  the depressional condition,  or gain some encouragement, inspiration and hope  for your own life journey. 

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Ali and Tea at computer 2013  on relaunch of website

 N.B My mug message says: I'm in my own world, it's O.K they know me here.


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'Beach Sunrise' by Barb Springer 48"x 36" acrylic on canvas -  website : barbsapergia.shawwebspace.ca

I've used Barb's image because the sunrise -the start of a a new day-radiates new hope . This sunrise for me represents the calmness and new light and hope after  darker stormy days, the rocks the reminants 0f the rocky journey ive been through.

I use this image in the poem

 'Riding the wave of Nothingness' in Poetry gallery 4.

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I produced the video on the right with Windows Movie Maker 2.6 version. Making it (after my then 15 year old son taught me how) was a cathartic process.

I uploaded it to you tube to bring awareness about mental health and in order to signpost this website,  the main UK mental health charities and mental health campaigns. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WINpi8vd4rM

The music is Evanescence's' Bring me to life'. I hope you gain something from it. (see if you spot the spelling mistake !)

There is also a version with male images in the campaign page

All images were obtained through goggle image in 2011  Images are referenced where included in the poetry.     

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Twinings Tea Advert http://bit.ly/Getsyoubacktoyou

This advert was pointed out to me by my sister Chrissy. Coincidently it was new on U.K T.V  the week that my website 'Alianco' first went live (2011). Crissy said that it reminded her of me, and how I used sailing the rough seas and reaching calmer shores as a metaphor for my journey with the symptoms of depression .

'Be not conformed by this world, be transformed by the renewing  of your mind...'  (Bible-Romans.12:2)

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Another video I produced using video media player version 2.6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rX6onnlo1e0

I was inspired by the haunting and sad melody of 'In this Shirt' by The Irrepressibles  .The melody, for me, takes the listener on a journey and the lyrics -' I am lost in a rainbow, now the rainbow has gone'- conveys to me the feelings of 'loss' that depressional symptoms can bring.

All images were obtained through goggle image.              

There is a version with female images in the campaign page



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Ali on the 'Alianco' 1991 A boat lovingly built and named by Ali's Uncle Frank (r.i.p). And Frank's is another life journey to be told!

 This website

This website documents my personal health journey . It is a sail through the experience of depressional symptoms through the medium of poetry. I share with you  the knowledge and the wisdom that I have gained from my own  journey and from those who have inspired and encouraged me along the way . My  intention is to bring awareness, hope and inspiration  to my readers.

 The World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation estimates that by 2030 mental health will constitute the largest world wide burden of illness and disease.

Figures from USA, Britain, Australia and Canada suggest that more than 10% of our workforce struggle with depression.

The challenge for us all is to foster and encourage change in society and the workplace so that depression can be better understood, spoken about and dealt with. Up to 1 in 5 battle with 'IT' ( the symptoms of depression) daily. 

'Ultimaely, those who are depressed have to take responsibility for their own condition and so need to understand as much about it as possible.' (Lewis Wolpert in Malignant Sadness 1999)










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