About Ali                                                                    and Co.

 So, you want to know about me ?

  • Born 1962
  • Eldest of 6 children (suportive family network)
  • Happily married to John (together since 1980)
  • Worked in U.K NHS Nursing fields since 1980
  • Currently(2013) work in a NHS bereavement service (am a Registered Nurse)
  • Am blessed with 3 wonderful children
  • Have an interest in complementary therapies (hold a diploma in Therapeutic Massage)
  •  Born a peacemaker (hold a certificate in Workplace Mediation)
  • Believe in God (raised as a British Catholic Christian)
  • Believe humans are mind, body and spirit
  • Appreciate all other peaceful religions,cultures and beliefs
  • Love nature (especially trees, wildflowers,poppies, woodland streams, seashores, shells, mountains, rainbows, sun, birds , butterflies, dogs and pigs)
  • Enjoy being with friends and family over good food, good wine, good Tea/coffee, with supportive conversation 
  • Enjoy meeting new people: They may be the friends of tomorrow
  • Strive for a stress  free and simplistic life
  • Believe self awareness and good communication help us grow whilst excess stress makes us wither (and sometimes die)
  • I repeat the following mantras in times of distress:  "Out of crisis comes transformation" and   "One day this too will pass" 
  • My favourite motto: "It's about making a life out of living not making a living out of life" 
  • I aspire to be a therapeutic counselling/ massage therapist for mental health and wellbeing 
  • I look forward to retiring to the country or by the sea and owning a dog , a few cats and maybe a pig (don't tell John) !

Photo Image above  : Ali in France 2009 after a 6  month spell (off work) with 'IT'


... and my experiences in the company of 'IT' ?

  •  'IT' is the name I give to the feelings/symptoms  that currently are collectively named by the medical profession as 'Depression'
  • In retrospect, I remember my first  feelings related to 'IT'   was around age 17-18.
  • I continued to experience these feelings on and off for a number of years  until my first 'IT' wreck' at 20. I had other episodes there after.
  • Medics have given  'IT' a different medical name depending on who I saw and when !
  • During my own research I discovered that 'IT' is found within many health conditions.
  • 'IT' is often labelled by the medical profession with names other then Depression because there are many physical as well as mental symptoms which can vary in their presentation within each inividual.
  • The symptoms from 'IT' were  greatly deminished for me with a trial of  SSRI medication in 1996
  • 'IT' was labelled 'Depression' in 1997 after I self referred to a psychiatrist.
  • 'IT' had also been labelled, stress, premenstrual tension, food-sensitivity, chronic fatigue syndrome, and most recently (2009) fibromyalgia with M.E.
  • After a number of trials without medication  'IT' kept coming back, So currently (2013) I remain on SSRI medication.
  • I would not be the person I am today without  having traveled with 'IT'
  • I continue to strive to be as happy and as healthy as I can be despite 'IT'
  • I first set up this website in 2011 to raise awareness about depressional symptoms and their disabling effects

Art Image above: Lowery

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