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If you are an artist who would like to contribute to this project because you have a piece of work that resonates with a piece of my poetry please contact me on the email address above.

If you have written poetry or have another art piece which you've  made because of an experience with depression and would like to have it displayed in the visitors gallery of this website then please contact me via the email addess above


Contact Others:   very symbolic for me that the year I chose to share my poetry with others is Sane's 25 year aniversary with their 'Black Dog' campaign. Sane is a great advocate for the importance of listening to the patient's voice and about their experiences ; a subject  on the British government health agenda for the past decade : I found this site very helpful during my early years of learning about depression. A useful site to help understand all mental health illnesses and to learn about current government policy ect The Mental Health Foundation is a well established organisation, embeded in the medical/scientific model. Useful for statistics  policies and current research into therapies which work for mental health conditions . Based in Scotland UK An Organisation which focuses on depression and user lead .Based in Wales UK. This link is linked to the Mental Health Foundation website Its all about (the new buzzword)'Mindfulness'  & I've noticed an influx of mindfulness courses . There is a small shift in an awareness of the importance of mental health & wellbeing around the UK. Oxford and Bangor is where it all started for the UK. Rooted in budist meditation it's introduction into  health systems began in america: I've entered this research which was highlighted on the Sane website. I joined an expert programme for 6 weeks in 2009 . Helpful for teaching you to look after yourself and joining up with others who face similar problems.I got the following book when I joined the programme which you can buy on amazon : your local NHS provider for your nearest Expert Patient Programme in the UK.

Its important to also look after your physical health .The two NHS UK websites below are about healthy eating and exercise- lots of good tips. (healthy eating) (excercise)

Others you might like to know:

Book :Seven Steps to self Healing by Dr Edward Taub :

Book: Noonday Demon by Andrew Solomon                   

Book: Malignant Sadness by Lewis Wolpert

Book: Depressive Illness The curse of the strong by Dr Tim Cantopher

Book: Stress-Related Illness Advice for people who give too much by Dr Tim Cantopher                                                                                                                          

Blog: Of Author Mathew Johnstone who wrote the book I had a Black Dog.

Website : Of the publishing company set up by Jason Pegler (Author of A Can of Madness).I met Jason in 2003 and read his book about his struggles with bipolar disorder. It was that chance meeting which inspired me to start documenting my own health journey.   

Three books I am in the process of reading :


Image Above

 Ali and her Sister Chrissy on the boat Alianco (Spring 1988) before it's journey from Cornwall to London for Ali's Wedding.

 Disclaimer and other stuff

Whilst all the information on this website is shared in good faith, neither those contributing on this website nor the web publisher is able to accept responsibility for the health of the reader or user. If you have any medical condition at all, please consult your medical adviser. In particular, if you suffer from depression or have any mental illness, please keep to the advice of your physician. 

Poetry in galley 1, 2, 3 & 4 is copyright to the owner of this website- Ali . No  reproduction or alteration of any part of the poetry is granted without permission.  All artwork (image and written word) on this website Alianco remain the Intellectual property of each artist 


I have attempted , where able, to make contact  with the artists who's artwork I have used to compliment  my poetry displayed in gallery 1, 2,3 &4. If I have been unable to contact you before this website goes live and you object to your artwork being on this website then please contact me at my email contact address. 


This website is for educational and personal use and is not for profit.

This website will be updated as time and health permit.

last update :April 2013


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