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There are 52 autobiographical poems which tell of my journey from  the beginning of  the first  symptoms from 'IT' at aged 17 , to my  acceptance of 'IT' by age 47 . Please read the About Ali an' co page to understand what I mean by the word 'IT'.

The poems are set out  in the four poetry galleries in the chronological order that they had been written.

I started writing the poems in 2003 during an 'IT' Wreck' and had continued until 2012 when I felt that that particular journey (of trying to understand and make sense of 'IT') had come to its natural end.

The inspiration to chart my health journey  started in 2003 when my job then was in setting up a Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS) to meet the then U.K government agenda of listening to and involving patients in their healthcare. As a consequence; I met Jason Peglar (founder of Chipmunka publishing) at a work conference ; read his book `A Can of Madness` and then read other books from his self publishing site. The national health buzzword at that time was about `listening to the patient`s experience` so I started the journey of listening to and charting mine.

My current (2011- ) journey is about sharing my experience of sailing with 'IT' in order that I can bring some insight and understanding to some and inspiration and hope to others.

One day "IT" too will pass


 About The Poems

 I would like to point out that I am not a literary artist or a poet. Grammer !(my husband will tell you) has never been my strong point. The poems that you are about to read were written during actual times of distress caused by 'IT' or shortly following an 'IT' Wreck' when it was necessary for me chart the course I had been swept through. Some years I wrote nothing, other years I wrote more.

I wrote during those times for my own benefit, and am still amazed at how the thinking brain uses imagery, symbolism and metaphor to express feelings and mood . I had never written poetry (apart from English lessons in lower school) but maybe like dreaming , my brain used poetry as a medium to help me discover some meaning behind the deep emotions 'IT' was stirring. Maybe it was my brains way of processing the huge task of understanding 'IT' by getting what I felt out on paper so that I could then look over my health journey in a detached manner and plan a course away from the turbulent seas towards calmer shores.

I found my collection of poems over the years became a valuable tool for me to read over; to remind myself of where I had come from; the journey that I had taken and how far I had sailed forward towards calmer shores. It was for me, a cathartic process. 

By sharing my poems with others I hope individual readers gain a radiance of hope  for their own life's difficult journey and maybe feel encouraged  to chart their own life stories through  creative media.

 About The Journey

If you would like to  follow my  journey from 'IT's beginning at  poem 1 until my acceptance  of 'IT' by poem 52  please read the poems in numerical sequence from poetry gallery 1 through to poetry gallery 4

However, each poem  can be read individually as a stand alone piece. You might prefer just to pick out a title or a picture that attracts your attention-it may be just the poem you need to read today !

I have given more detail about my personal journey and each individual poem in the 'My Story' page

Individual artwork images are referenced under each poem

The website is a work in progress , so far poems 1-10 have been updated  with references.

1. Caspa Jig.doc 1. Caspa Jig.doc
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2.The Birth of IT.doc 2.The Birth of IT.doc
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3.The Born One -IT-.doc 3.The Born One -IT-.doc
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4.What is IT.doc 4.What is IT.doc
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About the artwork

  • The art work shown with each of the poems has been accessed via Google Image searches in 2011 and again 2013
  • When I decided to commit my hand scribbled poems to computerized word I searched for images that resonated with what my mind was thinking or feeling at the time of writing  a particular piece of poetry
  • Each art work is referenced and remains the copyright of the individual artist whom I make reference to
  • This website is for personal use of the owner and a supportive educational medium for its readers. It is not for any profitable gain.
  • I have attempted to contact artists for permission to display their work.
  • If you are an artist who finds your work on this site and objects to it being associated with the poetry here or this website please contact me at the email address below and I will remove it from my web site immediately.
  • If you are an artist who would like to contribute to this project because you have a piece of work that resonates with a piece of my poetry then please do contact me on the email address below
  • If you have written poetry or  have another art piece which was made because of an experience with depressional symptoms and you would like to have it displayed in my visitor's gallery then please conct me via the email below
  • You can contact me at :

 To  read the poetry you will require microsoft office 'word' softwear. Double click the highlighted text next to the 'w' icon to read the poetry.


Please follow the rest of my journey with 'IT' by viewing the poetry galleries 2  3 & 4



 Image at Top 

The boat 'Alianco' with it's owners:Ali's Uncle Frank (R.I.P) Aunt Eileen and Timmy the dog.

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